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Josh Perry's Ketogenic Diet Coaching and Consulting.

Learn how to burn fat & optimally fuel your brain!

Do you have difficulty removing unwanted weight?


Would you be interested in increasing your cognitive performance, improving sleep and changing your body composition?

Do you feel like you've tried everything?

Josh provides tools, support, and accountability for those who are dissatisfied with being overweight, tired and in pain, and who are inspired and ready to make a serious change with their brain health and performance. Josh believes we all deserve to be our best selves and enjoy every step of every day we live.


Josh believes burning fat for fuel, also known as a state of ketosis, is the optimal human state due to its brain health and performance-enhancing abilities.








Josh focuses on optimizing mitochondria, which are responsible for burning fat and producing energy in our bodies, so his clients can enhance their experience with ketosis as an enjoyable, efficient and effective tool, further improving brain performance.

Ketosis is more than an efficient and enjoyable weight loss tool, it allows the brain to thrive and fight off disease risk and fatigue. From increased mental clarity and cravings at bay to sustained levels of energy, improved body composition is just a by-product of prioritizing the health of your brain.

Ultimate Goals

1. Fat-Adaptation & Metabolic Flexibility

2. Leave Carb/Sugar Dependency Behind & Predominantly Burn Fat For Fuel

3. Remove Unwanted Body Fat & Weight, and Keep It Off

4. Reduce Inflammation, Oxidative Stress & Glycation

5. Boost Internal Detox & Immune Systems

6. Increase Endurance And Strength

7. Transcend Body & Mind

8. Create New, Enjoyable & Sustainable Changes

9. Rewire Mindset For Health, Happiness, and Success

10. Prevent Disease Risk Factors & Slow The Aging Process

11. Improve Sleep, Digestion, Recovery, and Cognitive Function

12. Optimize Brain for Focus, Hormone Balance, Energy, Clarity & Strength



We know that our brain's level of optimization determines our health and our wealth. When you can truly optimize the functionality, health, and strength of your brain, you can enhance all areas of your life.

Josh has clients all over the world. He uses solid communication and a science-supported program to increase your cognitive function, enhance your quality of life and bring your performance and health to an all-time high. 

If you or your team want to improve your brain's performance and your life, contact me now and let's set up a call!

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