Building a solid foundation to OPTIMIZE your life.

You can NOT build a foundation on sand, let alone optimize a foundation that isn't built on a solid surface.


It doesn't matter if you are overweight, sick, lacking funds, stressed, alone, unhappy, unmotivated, etc. If your mind is telling you it's not possible to change your life, your external reality with reflect this to you in your everyday experience. 


Our external environment is a reflection of our inner environment and our level of success in any aspect of life directly correlates to our personal growth. Once we understand the operating system (our mindset) we are working with, we can then begin reprogramming it towards what we want to be true about our lives which allows us to create a bulletproof foundation with an opportunity to optimize to the next level we desire. 


This where my Optimization Roadmap comes in. 


The Optimization Roadmap is a 3-step sequential process I take my clients through where you go from a place of feeling unmotivated, lost, overweight, tired, frustrated, and/or confused... to a place where you feel in control of your body, control of your mind, and you have peak performance so you can really do whatever it is that you want in your life and... do so the way you want to do it - whether that be keep up your kids, run a Spartan race, level up in your professional career, or just feel good about yourself inside and out. 


The 3-step sequential process is broken down by MINDSET first, because mindset is everything - knowing what you believe, what you think, what you feel, and becoming aware of your behavior while understanding how you operate is ultimately the difference between those that win in their lives and those that fail in their lives, whatever that may mean to you. The only reasons you are NOT where you want to be in your life is because of your BELEIF SYSTEM. That’s why we start there because without this piece being extremely clear, we’re basically trying to build a house on sand.


The second thing we do is build a FOUNDATION which is where we look at those things you’ve heard of before. That’s where we talk about habits, systems, choices, etc. (any behavior) that need to be changed or learned and we really break it down in a manner that allows us to get into the nitty gritty of the science and mechanisms in which these things work but not overly complicated to where you’re lost. It’s just a basic understanding behind the complexity that I handle for you and it all builds upon each other as you progress. This allows us to build a unique and tailored plan that works specifically for you and your goals so that your body and mind are ultimately building a foundation on a solid surface to a degree that works for you rather than against you…. and it sticks with you for a lifetime.


Finally, the third step, OPTIMIZATION, is where we really get to that next level in turning the dial up on everything. Like, really getting to a place where you have the ability to turn the dial up for your physical and mental make up and you can take it to whatever level you want based on your intentions in various aspects of life (business, health, relationships, etc.) and you can really put it into a position for whatever your lifestyle is to thrive.


So, for this 3-step sequential process, this is how people that work with me achieve their goals and empower themselves to become the best version of themselves, inside and out. They get rid of the baggage that is limiting beliefs and negative emotions fueling them so they can see clearly what matters to them in their lives and how they can achieve what it is that they want now that the baggage isn't weight them down.


My clients experience vastly different "successes" as they determine each and every success on their own terms. With that said, many of them experience liberation from limiting beliefs holding them back, freedom from stress and physical pain, weight loss, increased energy and focus, confidence, purpose and fulfillment, congruency with their actions based upon what they want to be TRUE about their lives.


I want you to know whatever it is you are looking for in your life, know it's possible once you are FREE from your baggage weighing you down and telling you all the reasons why you can't have the life you want.  I have found that these 3 steps, in this specific order, are the keys for people getting what they want, myself included, and maintaining this new reality they create. 


Take your physical health to the next level!

Do you have a Massive Intention To Optimize your health? Then you have MITO. Josh Perry's Metabolic Foundations course comes the MITO Program and is designed to empower you to consciously take charge of your health.



There are many ways to find your massive intention to optimize but all of them come from one common place, wanting more for your life. You've had enough and you're fed up with looking, thinking, and feeling less than how you truly want to. You're tired of being overweight, lacking energy, dealing with brain fog effecting your productivity at work, you're constantly stressed and it's hurting your relationships, and nothing you do brings the results you want. Does any of this sound like you? Then you're ready for the MITO Program.

"MITO is much more than just a nutrition & fitness program. We all have our reasons for wanting to change how we eat, whether that be for physical or mental reasons, or to improve performance in all aspects of our life. MITO stands for Massive Intention TOptimize. It is a combination between mitochondrial performance and conscious intention in our lives. It's the culmination of all the tools that I put together for myself to overcome fears and adversities, take back my health after brain tumors and TBIs, and maximize how I show up in life, mentally, emotionally, and phsyically.

And now I want you to optimize your life and maximize how you show up."

-Josh Perry, Founder of The MITO Program


This is what clients are saying about their MITO


“I don’t say this lightly, Joshua has personally helped me reach goals I haven’t accomplished in over 20 years.  Although it’s been less than 3 months, I ‘m blown away by my results & Josh’s knowledge.

If you or someone you care about has struggled with health/weight issues, or you are an athlete who is trying to reach the next level, reach out to Josh. I’m so glad I did! Down 65 pounds and lean muscle mass increase without starving or feeling bad.”

Metabolic Foundations Course


Step by step roadmap to optimizing your metabolic health.

  • One time fee!
  • Access to 12-week  Video Course  & 80+ Page Workbook
  • Metabolic Testing Guide
  • Community Of Support
  • Grocery Shopping List
  • Fitness Plans
  • And more!



100% Individualized For YOUR Success

  • 1-on-1 private access to Josh Perry
  • Your specific roadmap to success built with Josh
  • Support and guidance from Josh
  • Access to Metabolic Foundations course
  • Designed for those looking create CHANGE in their lives



MITO provides tools, support, and accountability for those who are dissatisfied with being overweight, tired and in pain, and who are inspired and ready to make a serious change with their brain health and performance. Josh believes we all deserve to be our best selves and enjoy every step of every day we live.

Josh believes burning fat for fuel, also known as a state of ketosis, is the optimal human state to dip in and out of due to its brain health and performance-enhancing abilities and can be great tool and lifestyle for many.

MITO focuses on optimizing mitochondria, which are responsible for burning fat and producing energy in our bodies, so YOU can enhance your experience with ketosis as an enjoyable, efficient and effective tool, further improving brain performance.

Ketosis is more than an efficient and enjoyable weight loss tool, it allows the brain to thrive and fight off disease risk and fatigue. From increased mental clarity and cravings at bay to sustained levels of energy, improved body composition is just a by-product of prioritizing the health of your brain.

Ultimate Goals of The Program

  • Fat-Adaptation & Metabolic Flexibility
  • Leave Carb/Sugar Dependency Behind & Predominantly Burn Fat For Fuel
  • Remove Unwanted Body Fat & Weight, and Keep It Off
  • Reduce Inflammation, Oxidative Stress & Glycation (sugar damage)
  • Boost Internal Detox & Immune Systems
  • Increase Endurance And Strength
  • Transcend Body & Mind
  • Create New, Enjoyable & Sustainable Changes
  • Rewire Mindset For Health, Happiness, and Success
  • Prevent Disease Risk Factors & Slow The Aging Process
  • Improve Sleep, Digestion, Recovery, and Cognitive Function
  • Optimize Brain for Focus, Hormone Balance, Energy, Clarity & Strength

We know that our brain's level of optimization determines our health and our wealth. When you can truly optimize the functionality, health, and strength of your brain, you can enhance all areas of your life.

Josh has clients all over the world. He uses solid communication and a science-supported program to increase your cognitive function, enhance your quality of life and bring your performance and health to an all-time high. 


Reclaim your metabolism! All MITO Programs start with building a metabolic foundation so you can thrive in all areas of your life.


A 12-week guided online course, introducing you to a keto lifestyle by resetting your metabolism to burn fat for fuel.


From how to get started, to shopping lists, cheat sheets, motivational exercises, and guides, this digital workbook is an in-depth reference to supplement the online course and get your keto lifestyle dialed in!