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Josh Perry was a high school dropout defying financial struggles, setbacks from injuries, and other adversities to become one of the top professional BMX athletes on the world stage. While being evaluated after a BMX related head trauma, an MRI uncovered the first of four brain tumors that would ultimately teach him an invaluable lesson on adversity.


Not only was Josh now facing a new set of unimaginable physical challenges, but he was faced with a new set of behavioral choices as well. Would he change his unhealthy habits and alienate himself from the BMX community to save his life and pursue a bigger purpose, or continue on his same path and risk losing everything?


Today Josh is a former professional BMX athlete, multiple brain tumor survivor, certified health coach, and most importantly, a motivational speaker. Leaving his childhood dream behind, Josh now travels all over the world to share his story of overcoming tremendous odds and inspire a new perspective. He aims to teach audiences to see through his lens and use the same mental tools he used to face their own unique challenges.


Josh believes we all have the choice to leverage failure and fear to fuel our pursuit of becoming the best version of ourselves. Through the power of his story, he empowers audiences to fulfill their life’s purpose and live as healthy, happy, and successful as possible.

Josh's worldwide talks focus on the power of his story. Overcoming an abusive past, depression, multiple brain tumors, countless injuries and the stigma of being a high school drop out put Josh in a place where he feels like if he can be happy and successful, anyone can if they choose to work for it. 


His talks are catered to his audience and their needs, providing them with tools for mental strength, health, manifestation, business and nutrition. He uses his story to illustrate that challenges come in every shape and size, but emphasizes that happy and successful people use the same mental tools to get them there, regardless of their past and tribulations. 

Josh does speeches for medical and business conferences, high schools and universities, health summits, business conventions, etc. If you think he would be a great fit for your next event, go to the contact me section and send an email with the dates, location and nature of the event. 

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